Detox Packages


1 Colon Hydrotherapy + 1 Infrared Sauna = £99
1 Colon Hydrotherapy + Coffee / Herb /Parasite Enema = £85
3 Day Raw Juice Cleanse = £90
4 Day Plant Based Weight Loss Plan = £119

By My Detox Diet


Pure Detox

In this program two of our top detoxification treatments are included which can be done at any convenient time while you work or at the weekend. One Colon Hydrotherapy followed by an Infrared Sauna “Iyashi Dome”.


1.5 hours = £99


Health and Recharge

If you are serious about detoxing this is for you. We have put together the perfect combination to cleanse and detoxify. We start with the Colon Hydrotherapy for an inner cleanse. You will then get a whole body exfoliation followed by a stimulating mud wrap including an Indian Head massage.

We finish with an invigorating and energising full body massage, to leave you thoroughly rejuvenated and supported in your quest to get in shape.


3 hours = £195
2 day juice cleanse (add-on) = £60
Iyashi Dome (add-on) = £30
Coffee Enema (add-on) = £25



Our Cleansing Program can achieve amazing results. Feel rejuvenated, cleansed and light as a feather! You will enjoy ultimate powerful detoxifying treatments such as a Colon Hydrotherapy & Enema, followed by the Iyashi Dome ‘Infrared Sauna’ and finished by an indulgent Aromatherapy Massage. This package includes a 2 day raw juice cleanse which is tailored to your requirements and can be taken home after the treatments.

The ultimate deeply cleansing package will completely detoxify your body inside out. At The Greenwich Spa you will be equipped with all you need to effectively eliminate toxins, combat digestive issues, achieve that glowing skin and dramatically improve moods and sense of wellbeing. Be prepared to emerge feeling cleansed, clear and in control.


2.5 hours = £219



This is our weekend cleanse – you can start on a Saturday morning and be finished by Sunday evening ready to take on the week! Two of our top detox treatments Colon Hydrotherapy and Iyahsi Dome are included which can be done consecutively and so you will be rejuvenated both outside and in, and this includes a nutritious 2 Day Raw Juice Cleanse to take home with you.

As with any juice cleanse or detox plan,weight loss results may vary based on individual users, and it is important to maintain a balanced diet and active lifestyle. We are proud to have a strong base of repeat customers who rely on The Greenwich Spa by MyDetoxDiet and are testament to the quality of the products we offer.


1.5hr = £149


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