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We are now providing Nouveau Lashes! Feel the power of gorgeous eyes with Nouveau Lashes. Every product is cruelty-free and gentle to the natural lash. So everyone everywhere: exercise your right to powerful eyes and be brilliant.


Introductory offer: £42 instead of £50


Restorative or Energizing Eye Therapy

Minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with a soothing restorative treatment that relieves tension and visibly revitalises the skin around the eyes. Reduce dark circles and puffiness to energise the look of skin around the eyes with this relaxing and refreshing treatment.


15 minute add-on treatment £10



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My beautiful eyelashes treatment. Be mesmerised with our lash enhancements, create an alluring lash style with our beautiful lash range. Delicate eyelashes are attached to your own lash and placed across the surface area of the lash base elongating and defining the volume of the lash. Patch test required. maintenance every 3-4 weeks dependent on natural shedding process.


Semi- Permanent Eye Lashes = £69
Semi-Permanent Eye lashes – Maintenance = £40



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The Ancient art of Threading is a custom hair removal practice within Asia and the Middle East.

100% Natural Antibacterial thread is doubled around the therapists hands twisted, and then rolled over areas of unwanted hair, lifting the hair from its follicle, hairs are removed in lines refining and smoothing surface areas. This is an ideal method for Eyebrows and unwanted Facial Hair.


Eyebrows 20 min = £15
Lip/Chin/ 10 mins = £9
Sides of Face 15mins = £13
Full Face with Soothing Cold compress 45mins = £35


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