Iyashi Dôme

Enjoy the relaxing sensation of doing nothing and burning up to 600 kcals with our very own Iyashi Dome. A traditional Japanese method using modern technology, the Iyashi Dome will make you sweat. The infrared sauna will draw sweat from deep within to rejuvenate the skin, eliminate toxins, reduce muscular and joint pain, and tone your silhouette.

Find Balance – Return to the Source

The Japanese have a traditional therapy of ridding themselves of toxins – the Suna Ryoho- which they have been practicing for centuries. This involved burying themselves in sand on the beach near hot springs, in very specific places with very specific properties. Once they are buried, through sweating, these toxins were expelled.

The Iyashi Dôme was designed to imitate this practice as infrared rays penetrate the body by up to 40mm, therefore you will sweat out toxins from the bloodstream.

One 30min session produces the same amount of sweat equivalent to walking over 20km (when the body begins to draw from deep fat reserves), but without the negative effects such as cardiac risks, premature use of the body, development of fatty acids etc. When this sweat is analysed, the presence of elements found in Category 2 perspiration are detected (see below).

The Iyashi Dôme is a tool for health and beauty

  • Refinement and improvement of the silhouette – burns up to 600 calories a session
  • Beneficial for skin – anti-aging effect – makes skin softer and appearing younger
  • Great for joint pain and muscular relaxation
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Single – £40
Course of 10 – £350

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