Deep Tissue Massage

Combat those aching muscles and sore joints with our incredible Deep Tissue Massage. A strong, deep and intensive massage that concentrates on the muscles, joints and tissues, helping to relax and relieve sore and overworked muscles. This massage is ideal for assisting with any chronic aches and pain in specific areas such as neck and shoulders, upper and lower back and legs.

Using firm pressure and slow strokes, this massage reaches the deeper layer of the muscle to help break up scar tissue and ‘knots’ that interrupt circulation and lead to inflammation and pain. It will help improve mobility and circulation.

The Deep Tissue Massage has many benefits and usually focuses on a specific problem such as posture problems, recovery from injury, back or neck pain, sciatica and repetitive strain injury.

As always we encourage communication with our professional therapists before or during treatment to ensure technique and pressure meets your needs. This massage can be both preventative as well as therapeutic so it’s worth considering what it is you want to achieve from this massage and in what areas.

We invite you to enjoy a Deep Tissue Massage at our  Beauty Salon and Spa located in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, with easy access from public and private transport. Book now and say bye to those tiring aches and pains, you’ll walk out ready to take on the world.

30 min (back massage only ) = £45

55 min £70

80 min  £90

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