Hot Lava Stone Massage

Experience a truly luxurious treatment with our Luxury Hot Stone Massage. The hot stone massage is a deeper type of massage using comforting warm lava stones. Completely relax as our skilled therapist use smooth flat heated stones as an extension of their own hands to massage the full body. As the heat is applied tight muscles will open up allowing the therapist to work more efficiently and leaving you deeply relaxed and rejuvenated.

The Hot Lava Stone Massage comes with many benefits and is perfect for either a one-off indulgence or a regular massage.  Heat has been long used to ease muscle tension and increase blood flow to areas of pain, resulting to a decrease in muscle spasms and increase in flexibility. As the direct heat of the stones melts away tension in the muscles our experienced therapists can go ahead and access the deeper layers of the muscles using techniques that have been developed throughout the ages, long strokes, circular movements, vibration, tapping and kneading.

As always we encourage communication before or during treatment to ensure pressure and technique is perfected. Studies have shown that a hot stone massage can provide relief from pain connected with fibromyalgia, arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome and other chronic conditions including chronic stress. Reducing tension encourages flexibility in the joints leading to easier mobility and movement, which will result to a happier healthier you!

So for the ultimate relaxation experience your body and soul deserves, book our Luxury Hot Lava stone Massage and surface feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

60min £75

80 min £95

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