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Teeth Whitening

We are excited to introduce White&Co Teeth Whitening to Greenwich,  White&Co Teeth has over 10 years’ experience in the industry and have produced one of the safest, most advanced, non-peroxide teeth whitening formulas. Ensuring all our clients receive high-quality results, whilst removing the dangers associated with non-natural oral care.

White&Co Teeth ProZero-max formula is an advanced teeth whitening formula, which offers one of the most effective ways to brighten teeth and remove yellow stains by only using non-peroxide oxidising agents.

Once the formula has been in contact with the teeth it is activated by exposure to measured, blue light frequency, resulting in the formula releasing oxygenated properties and cleaning agents. This creates pressure and pushes the oxygen deep into the core of the tooth (called the dentin layer) and begins to oxidise the molecules that causes the tooth surface to appear yellow, dark, and stained in colour. Restoring the teeth back to their natural white appearance.

Who cannot have teeth whitening?

It is strongly recommended that clients who suffer from gum disease, gingivitis and receding gums abstain from using whitening products on their teeth.

How long does a teeth-whitening session take?

Single Session 20- 25min application

ProZero-Max formula is one of the fastest products within the industry for single use

Double Session 40-50min application

For double the results

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When will I see results?

Results are visible immediately when application is complete and develop further following all aftercare advice is taken.

How long will results last for?

For the majority of our clients’ results are long-lasting, with the combined use of our after care products results can be maintained and extended for the foreseeable. It’s important to remember that the teeth are living organisms. Exposure to high stain items such as coffee, red wine, tea, curry, and tobacco, amongst other things, will darken the teeth.

How long before I can eat and drink?

We recommend abstaining from all food and drink for around 1 hour after use. We advise to avoid high staining items such as tea, coffee, red wine, tomato-based sauces, and curries, for around 24 hours.

Can I use if I have caps, crowns, bridges, or veneers?

Unlike with peroxide-based formulas, White&Co’s gentle, non-peroxide formula helps reduce surface stains on composites like caps and veneers. Helping restore them back to their original colour without causing any damage. Please note, composites of any form cannot be whitened beyond their original colour.


February/March Only

Single Session
£85 instead of £99
Double Session
£99 instead of £139
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