Sports Massage

Let one of our skilled and experienced therapists combat those stiff sore muscles to restore your movement, improve posture and enhance your sporting prowess with our specialised Sports Massage. This massage can be used for athletes during warm ups and cool downs as part of a training regime or as part of the rehabilitate process following injury.

The Sports Massage focuses on specific parts of the body that are causing pain typically due to too much physical activity. Our professional therapists concentrate on these areas to lessen tension in the muscle and diminish any discomfort or aching, rebuilding appropriate balance. You will experience an increase in flexibility and range of movement that will enhance your physical performance and reduce the risk of future injuries.

Other benefits from a good Sports Massage are the release of endorphins that help with stress management by reducing levels of stress, anxiety and improve moods. This massage also increases blood flow and circulation helping to aid the heart and muscles.

As always, we encourage communication with our therapists before or during treatment to ensure that pressure and technique is tailored for you. This massage can be both preventative as well as therapeutic so it’s worth considering what it is you want to achieve from this massage and in what areas.

So, whether you are a sports enthusiast that needs to treat their wounds or your job consists of repeatedly sitting in the same position and you need to give your body a good shake, our incredible Sports Massage will cater to your needs. Reward your body for all that it’s done for you and leave feeling revived and alive.


30 min (back massage) = £35
55 min = £65
80 min = £80
Couple Treatment – 55 min = £130


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