Colon Hydrotherapy

A new you – purified, light as a feather, cleansed, less bloated and ready to take on the world!

Detox and rejuvenate with our professional and discreet colonic hydrotherapy treatments. We are extremely passionate about helping people achieve optimum health through detoxification and correct nutrition, and the benefits of a holistic approach.

From hydration through the colon to breaking down old and impacted faecal matter, colonic hydrotherapy is the ultimate way to remove harmful toxins from the body. Making 80% of your immune system, the colon can carry as much as 8lb worth of parasites and excess matter. This results in a sluggish and under working colon that can cause a number of ailments including Irritable Bowel Syndrome, lack energy, constipation and bloating.

Offering tips and helpful advice that everyone can use in their daily lives, we look after the emotional as well as the physical side of colonic hydrotherapy, and put you at ease whether it’s your first colonic or you need regular treatments.


Advanced technology

Here at The Greenwich Spa we about your comfort and safety so we use one of the most advanced Colonic Machine on the market, made in Germany!

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January – February 2020 Colon Hydrotherapy (Mo-Fr) £59 and Colon Hydroherapy (Sat -Sun) £69 and Colon Hydrotheapy + Enema £85


First time clients : PAY £59 instead of £73 for 1 hour (First Time Customers Only)
Colon Hydrotherapy (1 Hour) = £73
Colon Hydrotherapy + Coffee Enema = £95
Colon Hydrotherapy + Herb Enema = £95
Colon Hydrotherapy + Full Body Composition Analysis = £80
Colon Hydrotherapy + Anti Parasite Enema = £95
Colon Hydrotherapy + Probiotic Enema = £95
Colon Hydrotherapy + Spirulina Enema = £95
Colonic Hydrotherapy – First Time Clients! = £65
Colon Hydrotherapy + Enema – First Time Clients! = £85
Colon Hydrotherapy & 2days Juice Cleanse = £119


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