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It’s the end of the line for adult breakout! 

What causes adult acne breakouts?

In a word, stress. Now more than ever, adults are balancing an increasingly time-compressed lifestyle, which can lead to chronically-high levels of stress. This throws adrenal glands – key stress managers into overdrive, boosting sebum (oil) production and setting the stage for acne development.

To make it worse, the skin’s cell-turnover rate slows down with age, causing flaky skin and excessive dryness and post acne marks. As a result, this can trigger even more stress and breakouts.

There are four main factors that contribute to adult acne breakouts

  1. Overproduction of sebum (oil)
    Excess oil to spill on the skin’s surface, acts as a binder that holds on to the dead and shedding skin cells
  2. Accumulation of dead skin cells  
    too many dead skin cells combined with excess oil – clogs the hair follicle
  3. Bacteria
    clogged hair follicles are the best breeding ground for Propionibacterium Acnes bacteria
  4. Inflammation
    rapid bacteria growth can lead to inflammation and swelling/redness – resulting in adult acne

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Frequently asked questions in regards to Adult acne?

Is my diet causing Acne?

Food doesn’t directly cause acne, but what you eat can increase your sebum production. Which is the breeding ground for acne.

Can teens book the Medibac Facial?

We would recommend our Clear Start Facial By Dermalocia designed for teen breakouts.

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